Our office staff are ready to take your call on all weekdays from 7:30 to 15:00
In addition, you are of course covered by our on-call service – should the need arise.

Næstved & Vejle

+45 55 50 08 85

Meet our pig veterinarians

All of Ø-Vet’s veterinarians have a lot of experience with pig production, disease control, epidemiology and diagnostics. We are all deeply committed and passionate about everything concerning pigs. In addition, our CEO Ken Steen Pedersen is even Professor of pig diseases at the University of Copenhagen.
Likewise, our skilled office staff have many years of experience, are incredibly service-minded and always ready to help you.

Ken Steen Pedersen

CEO, veterinary specialist, PhD, Dipl. ECPHM, Professor at the University of Copenhagen Expertise: Gastrointestinal disorders, optimising use of antibiotics, biosecurity.
Mobile: +45 30 57 63 36

Søren S. Thielsen

Expertise: Milk production of sows, strategic decisions, management board work.
Mobile: +45 40 21 80 33

Andreas Birch

DVM, certified in Swine Health Management. Expertise: Reproduction, climate and ventilation, virus diseases
Mobile: +45 40 21 60 72

Jakob Korsgaard

DVM Expertise: Large sow herds, optimising production, virus infections, eradication, feed, breeding and multiplication, farm advisory boards
Mobile: +45 40 21 01 45

Dan Bysted

DVM, certified in Swine Health Management. Expertise: Salmonella, biosecurity, breeding/multiplication, eradication, export of breeding animals
Mobile: +45 40 21 07 74

Alex Stricker Jakobsen

Expertise: Optimising growing animals (focus on mortality, feed consumption and growth) plus milk production of sows
Mobile: +45 30 80 71 06

Anja Kibsgaard

Marketing manager & DVM Expertise: Reproduction, young gilts and farrowing unit – with all that this entails
Mobile: +45 61 28 98 58

Louise Huge Skovsmose

DVM, certified in Swine Health Management. Expertise: Reproduction, intrauterine insemination and finisher pigs
Mobile: +45 40 21 42 82

Martin Rasmussen

DVM, Jutland dept. Expertise: Farrowing unit, piglet mortality, general production/herd advice, virus management
Mobile: +45 40 21 85 80

Inger Morthorst Møller

DVM, certified in Swine Health Management, Jutland dept. Expertise: Sow health (focus: milkability and piglet mortality), organic production
Mobile: +45 40 21 76 70

John Haugegaard

DVM Expertise: Virus management, antibiotic consumption and general legislation
Mobile: +45 23 71 22 66

Anja Ejlersgård Christensen

DVM Expertise: Farrowing unit, reduction of sow mortality and piglet mortality plus thermographic inspection and organic production
Mobile: +45 40 31 06 74

LiseLotte Pedersen_Foto
Lise-Lotte Pedersen

Expertise: PRRS, PCV2, intestinal diseases in growing pigs and management in terms of prevention and disease management.
Mobile: +45 48 80 57 80


Henriette Birch Jørgensen

Bookkeeper/secretary Phone +45 55 50 08 85

Marianne Thorsen

Phone: +45 55 50 08 85

Tina S. Christensen

Bilingual secretary
Phone: +45 55 50 08 85


Video consultation

Are you familiar with the situation where:

  • Treatment of an animal was unsuccessful and you are in doubt about the next steps?
  • The disorder is something you are not quite used to seeing?
  • You would like to get an assessment of cause of death?
  • Perhaps your employee needs support in making decisions on treatment?
  • Or on euthanising?

Video consultations can be done as regular, weekly calls during inspection of sick animals or in individual situations where you are in the pig pen and suddenly in doubt and need advice from a veterinarian.

The only thing this requires is a phone with a camera, a fairly stable network connection – and preferably headphones (not required).

Call your veterinarian directly or the office to hear more about this or to immediately set up a video consultation.

No-obligation farm visit

Do you need new eyes on your herd?

We often visit new herds to make so-called ”second opinion” visits.

Send us an e-mail:

Shortly describe the reason for your contact and what you wish to gain from our visit.

Then one of our veterinarians will contact you as soon as possible.