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In order to get highly productive weaners, there are a number of factors that must be in order, including strict sectioning, adjustment of ventilation, low CO2 load in the section, etc.
We help you on your way.

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PRRS can affect pigs of all ages. We provide you with knowledge about remediation – from GIS maps to information about the various remediation methods. You can also read about the McRebel principles, ventilation and virus management.

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Afrikansk Svinepest

African swine fever

See or review the highly praised presentation from the Danish Pig Congress with veterinarian Søren Thielsen regarding ASF. In addition, we have listed the most common guidelines for you.

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Foder og Vand Foderkvalitet

Feed and water

Now what about toxins? And what about new harvest and vitamin E? We have gathered knowledge about that and much more for you here.

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Having high piglet survival requires time, care and expertise. We have collected a lot of tricks to help you on your way. In addition, you can also read about how to avoid backflow with injection iron.

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søer, polte og gylte


We share knowledge about milk yield, claw abscesses and heat stress. In addition, we also comment on sow mortality, maternity assistance and much more.

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More pigs for slaughter – but several of them have hernias.

Read here about what you can do and how we can help.

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Can you pass a control visit without remarks? What is often checked? And did you know that you are entitled to a side sitter? You can read about that and much more under this topic.

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hele haler halebid

Intact tails

We have gathered a lot of knowledge about whole tails: What you should pay attention to and when you should start paying attention. Download our handout, which you will also find under this topic.

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