African swine fever

African swine fever

There are still outbreaks of African swine fever in Europe, and some of the trucks driving to Denmark drive in the affected areas. You must therefore still be careful with external biosecurity, especially when delivering pigs for export.


These guidelines should be followed:

  • No drivers on the ramp
  • None of your own farm people inside the truck
  • All clothes must be washed
  • People have quarantine or must shower after delivery before entering the farm

To prevent employees from walking back and forth on the ramp or right up to the truck in connection with loading, you can mount a rafter across the ramp at a height of 50-75 cm. This will prevent people from continuing in an unguarded moment whereas the pig can easily walk under it.


Video about ASF

Also see the lecture from the Pig Congress where DVM Søren Thielsen, Ø-Vet, talks about his experience with African swine fever in Eastern Europe. Søren’s talk  starts 33 minutes into the video which you can find via this link.